Let It Show, Let It Show, Let It Show



Yesterday marked the occasion of my very first baby show, and what a show it was! Turns out it’s not just a big procession of babies from you to pick from and take home, it’s stuff for your baby. And that’s nice. Because we need a lot of stuff.

Well, I say need. Me and Suz bought a metal, Easter chick-shaped table decoration because we needed it back in March but all it’s done so far is sit next to a similarly redundant wooden robot ornament and not really help round the house at all. We probably could have soldiered on without it.

Back to The Baby Show. We plodded up yesterday morning with my mum and grandma in tow, ready to really nail down a few sensible purchases (because so far we’ve spent a lot of time in John Lewis looking at LEGO) and in fairness, weren’t at all disappointed with the huge range of products on offer. There were stalls galore with items ranging from cute clothes to the latest prams and environmentally friendly nappies to high chairs shaped like supersonic boiled eggs (probably not their official description), along with some lovely soft-play areas for mums and babies. And by the looks of it, hungover dads.

We snapped up some bib-related bargains, saw a couple have a massive argument by the prams (maybe they thought you got to buy babies at baby shows as well) and then watched my very religious, very lovely 75 year old grandma squeeze a prosthetic boob for what felt like 20 seconds far too long. It was no good, my concentration level dropped quite drastically upon having that image burned firmly into my retinas and I had to go treat myself to a hefty pork sandwich as way of recovery.

Post food break we marched on to check out nursery furniture and car seats which was a bit more dad-related. The people on the stall talk you through how to put things up and down, while showing you how easy it is and then you have a go yourself and manage to cock it up. Seriously, watch any couple go through buying a pram and it’s just a sea of red-faced men trying to fathom what is essentially a Rubix cube with wheels, while the wives/girlfriends stand next to them saying ‘Yeah, you’ve nearly got it!’. It’s impossible to see how you don’t end up climbing into your own shoe with the way some of them fold away so me and Suz have discussed maybe just buying a really plush skateboard and velcro-ing baby on to that if worse comes to worst. It’ll be fine ’til the roads turn icy and even then there’s grit.

(All joking aside, the women at Stokke were mega helpful so a big thank you to them).

As closing time arrived, we’d managed to just about get round everything and finished off by grabbing ourselves an inflatable penguin balloon (as all good parents-to-be should), ready to say adios and head home. My favourite part of the day? Not all the advice, smiles, couples in love, couples arguing, freebies. Nope.

The shell of a man who sat silently rocking in a nursing chair for FOUR. HOURS.

Seriously, every time we walked past. There he was. I’m placing bets on the fact his Mrs wouldn’t let him get a balloon animal or that he trapped a nut while trying to dismantle a Bugaboo. I guess I’ll never know.

Anyway, until next time! Check out my top 3 buys at The Baby Show below. Rest assured, I haven’t been asked to give any of these guys a shout-out, they’re just some of the purchases we’re really happy with and it’s always nice to mention good customer service.

1) Natures Purest. A couple of rattles, blanket and pack of babygrows. Eco-friendly and cool all at the same time.



2) Gro-swaddle. Lots of different patters and really soft material. The Gro Store seem to have it spot on with pretty much everything on their website so we’ll be checking them out again no doubt.



3) The Baby Dam. This doesn’t in any way mean we expect our child to become a beaver. More that this means you can clean your child in a normal sized bath, with water you’ve already used. Great money-saving idea but probably won’t use this any day Suz has been in there. She’s partial to a fake tan and I’m not keen on my child emerging from water as a mini David Dickinson.



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