Month: July 2014

What’s He Eaten NOW?




26 weeks down, lots more to go! And the majority appears to take place over the sticky British summertime so Suz should really enjoy that. Luckily I’ll be away competing quite a bit for the next few months so I won’t have to listen to her moaning about it.

Pssssh. Just kidding.

She’ll ring me.

Despite still being relatively compact bump-size, Suz has been enjoying the wonders of an ever-changing body this week. Last night she traipsed into the living room muttering ‘do you think my feet look a bit weird?’ only to plonk hooves that’d look chunky on a high school Monica Gellar on my lap. Yes. Yes they look weird because they are MASSIVE. She’s also informed me she can no longer snooze on her back thanks to her breasts using her lungs as an accordion so it’s time to bring out the L shaped pillow! (Or get her to compose me something melodic)

Recently, we snapped up the massage chair to beat all other massage chairs for preggo body (Suz) and post-training session body (me) and had been thoroughly enjoying it. Rather than vibrating like a big old rampant rabbit  (not that I have experience in that field) it houses tiny balls in the lining (ooh-er) which go round and round and up and down and it’s AMAZING. It’s SO amazing in fact that our parcel-munching puppy Gus picked it for his midnight mini snackette the other evening and chomped the remote to death. So essentially what we have now is just a chair. And a puppy who spent five hours being glared at through French doors.

I’m pretty sure he’s on a one dog mission to turn our home into a scrapyard and I must say he’s doing impeccably well so far. Bravo to him.

It’s becoming increasingly evident this week that it’s IMPOSSIBLE not to want to buy clothes for baby every time we leave the house. As anyone who knows me will be aware, I love shopping and would treat myself to new shoes or coats pretty willy nilly. Suz is worryingly exactly the same. Nowadays, we either have to be struck by lightning just before we enter Mamas and Papas or we come out laden with mini boots and outfits that’d be ‘just perrrrfect’ for Christmas Day. We’re very aware that after three hours’ sleep it’ll be a miracle if we muster enough brain capacity to cover baby in one of those manky yellow dusters you keep under the sink, let alone a dungarees and matching hat set but we like to hope it could happen. Or that we’ll at least get one photo of baby wearing something nice for Instagram. Which I’ll title ‘Just off out rocking my new threads!’, followed by putting it back in a plain babygrow and handing it over to mother-in-law so I can get 40 winks while Suz washes her hair for the first time in a week.

As stated before, each of my blog posts from now on will feature a few reviews on products me and Suz are looking forward to using once we become parents. A couple of people moaned via Twitter last week that they didn’t want to be reading promotion or brand gumph, which I appreciate, but I’d like to make it very clear that anything I champion here is a) because I believe it’s handy for other soon to be parents to check out and b) I appreciate the feedback from readers being able to tweet ‘Oooh yes, they’re a great company!’ or ‘EUGH, no… run for the hills. That product was a waste of moolah’.

Now that’s covered, check out what I’m loving this week below:

First up, BabyBjorn and their Baby Carrier One, I cannot WAIT to start using this! Me and Suz spend a lot of time in the countryside, either for training or walking the dogs, so it’s really important that we’re able to include baby and have the outdoors play a large part of it’s childhood. We’ve tried it on already and not only does it go with pretty much every outfit (not hugely important I know), it’s super comfortable and snug. Plus, yes… I have very, very briefly thought about having my baby strapped to my chest while casually strolling through town as women adoringly gaze in my direction. Thor did it so SURELY I can too? The Carrier One’s suitable from birth right up to three years of age, so this is beyond a solid investment.

Next up is Thrupenny Bits and their breast feeding pillow. Obviously I’m modelling it in the photo but rest assured it’ll be Suz who’ll be getting most use out of it. What with her having the breasts. I know she’d been struggling to find a nursing pillow she found strong enough to be able to take the weight of baby while not being too bulky, so when this arrived on our doorstep it spelt the end of our nearly two month stint hunting around. They come in some lovely materials, lots of great colours and are all home made so we couldn’t praise them more.

Lastly, from the brilliant Gro Company is the Gro-Egg Room Thermometer. Nice and self explanatory, this stops baby from being in an environment that’s too hot or cold (because obviously they can’t just tap you muttering ‘Er, Dad. Heads up… I’m sweating LAVA here’) and acts as a glowy nifty night light too. Safe AND keeps monsters at bay. Ideal.

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