No-one Likes A Chinese Burn

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My season’s nearly finished for the year and this weekend marks my last competition of 2014 (up in Newcastle if you’re interested). I have to say, seeing as I started competing in April, I’m very much looking forward to just watching box sets in my pants and not stressing about eating that second bowl of chilli for the next couple of months. And treating myself to cupcakes. And growing moobs bigger than Suz’s pregnancy mammaries (maybe not). Seriously though, as the nights draw in and baby makes its appearance, we’re fully prepared to hibernate like a couple of dozy tortoises and only venture as far as the Apple TV remote to see what’s new on Netflix.

After competing in the Birmingham Diamond League last weekend, me and Suz headed to Bath for a few days of sightseeing, tasty food and relaxing. We had an amazing time staying at The Royal Crescent (I just needed a burgundy smoking jacket and exquisite moustache to feel right at home) and let our hair down as much as a heavily pregnant woman and professional athlete still in training mode could. If you haven’t already been to Bath, go NOW. And eat at Sotto Sotto, and Hudsons and The Circus and then don’t care even one bit that you can no longer see past your pronounced gut to your manhood.

While we’ve been away, my dad’s got cracking on the nursery (which is great because I probably don’t hate anything more than decorating). He’s re-plastered within an inch of his life, is minutes away cracking the paint/wall stickers out and has already made some awesome shelves with all different shapes cut out. He’s an amazing builder and it’ll be so nice for his first grandchild to reap the rewards when it comes to having one of the best rooms around. Once we’ve actually filled it it with some furniture, books etc I’ll pop a photo up.

Everything seems to be speeding up now and with the season coming to an end our full attention’s focused on getting the last few bits and bobs ready for the new arrival. We had a walk round the hospital last week and took a peek at the birthing pools (which is the intended plan, providing everything goes OK). We’ve chosen to have the baby delivered round the corner at Milton Keynes hospital where my mum works, as it happens, on the maternity unit. We’ve got a lot of faith in the NHS (Suz’s stepdad is also a retired paramedic) and they’ve been wonderful the whole way through the pregnancy. Suz is very much of the opinion it’s going to ‘hurt like a Chinese burn to the box wherever I do it’ so we decided to stay local to home and felt no real need to go private. We’ve also been offered some hypnotherapy sessions (to work alongside the CDs Suz has been religiously practising with) so hopefully with some good breathing techniques and a nice calm environment it’ll be less of a Chinese burn outcome and more of a gentle punch… I’ll report back with findings.

In other news, we’ve got our baby shower/summer BBQ coming up in a couple of week’s time. We were keen not to have a ‘women only’ gathering in order that everyone could be involved, and… organised fun + high oestrogen levels = Suz’s hell, so we thought it best to throw some meat and testosterone in to the mix. It’s taking quite a bit of energy to make sure she doesn’t keep visiting Hobby Craft for yet more pointless jam jars and tissue paper baubles to decorate the marquees with, but so far I’ve only had to tie her down twice. I’ve also now been made aware that bunting is absolutely vital to any proceeding nowadays so thank goodness that’s been brought to my attention. I’d almost gone through life without the the urge to buy it even once.

When it comes to what we’re loving this week, it’s aaaalllllllllll about automobiles and fine dining. Well, car seats and high chairs. We’re obviously hot on making sure baby’s nice and safe while heading to all important social events (the doctors and swimming club), so we’ve stocked up on a couple of top notch seats. We opted for the Cybex (in Sirona) as it not only looks ridiculously cool (we’re a bit obsessed with orange), but provides a safer than safe journey until your child’s three and a half years of age. Well worth investing in. It’s super sturdy and chunky so looks as though it’ll be our ‘stay in the car’ option. Our still-uber-safe, yet ‘in and out’ version (and the one Suz will be using for her car) is the Joie I-Anchor. Again, this seat sees your child through to the grand old age of four and offers ultimate protection. Newborns can get nice and cosy in it with the removable layers and it’s light enough to carry around (and no doubt get guns of steel) if your child’s asleep. When we first started attempting to shop for our little one, it seemed like every parent & baby department was just wall to wall car seat displays, each one of them screaming to be bought because they’re SO SAFE SNAP ME UP QUICK! It can be a bit daunting so thanks to other parents for the heads up and recommendations, we’re really happy with our choices.

When it comes to feeding time (once boob’s off the menu anyway), we’ve chosen the Tripp Trapp from Stokke as our high chair. It comes in a whole host of colours (we’ve gone for orange… again) and is cool enough to blend in with all other kitchen furniture. It’s actually a really nice bit of kit (it’s not covered in cartoon giraffes for starters). There’s a lovely set you can snap up to make the high chair suitable for newborns, which we think’s a fab idea. Pop baby in the seat and they can join you at the table while you try not to fall asleep into whatever you’ve managed to rustle up that night. It seems most highchairs are only suitable from about 4 months up so it’s great that these guys offer an alternative.




  1. Great read mate! My wife and I have a six month old boy called Archie. It has been the best thing ever to happen. Just tell your wife that my wife said the feeling of giving birth will be fine when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time. Good luck to you both. A big fan from Scotland!

  2. Great blog… reminds me of me twelve months ago… without the athleticism obviously! But with the MK. Love our Tripp Tripp… be prepared to by a tray for it tho… found it invaluable… All the best!

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